The Crucible - Reynolds/Synhorst

Information you will need to know for the unit test:

8/10-8/12Session #1 - Policies and procedures

Session #2 - Modeling w/ reading - review (questioning text)Passage: Khaled Hosseini - 3 levels of questionsBilly Collins: "Neither Snow"Journal #1 - What is an American?

Session #3 - Journal #2 - What is the American Dream?Now tackle a passage on your own - What is an American?Homework: Find a work of art or a song that represents the American Dream - bring it in for Session #2 discussion

8/15-8/19Session #1

Session #2 Present homework.

AZRS: S3: C1 Comprehending Informational Text
Who were the first Americans? Jigsaw: you are a Puritan, a Quaker, or a Southern Planter - create a persuasive sales-pitchto convince those of your European brethren to come on over and join you in the New World (purpose, values, beliefs, etc.)
Meet in Library to select a book for independent reading - you must carry this book with you each and every day beginning
on Monday 8/22

Session #3Bellwork: Read Ann Bradstreet's "To My Dear and Loving Husband" on page 139 (text)Answer questions 1-4Present American Dream homeworkGroups present sales pitch.

Session #4
Overture assignment - work in groups to summarize, draw, and present information from the overture of
Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible"
The Crucible Overture Assignment.doc
The Crucible Overture Group Assignments.doc

8/22 - 8/26

Relate literary works to the traditions, themes, and issues of their eras
Evaluate author's characterization technique and the use of authorial intrusion
Analyze the way theme/meaning represents a view or comment on life

Session #1 Present Overture assignmentsSkill Builder: SAT Prep
Session #2 -
Journal #5:
The founders of the United States insisted upon a separation between church and state.
Why was/is this so important? What is the benefit of such a separation?
Assemble Cast: Begin Act I (character analysis)
Discuss: When Abigail enters, she is described as "a strikingly beautiful girl...with an endless capacity
for dissembling." What does the phrase "an endless capacity for dissembling" mean?
Explain the relationship between Abigail and Goody (Elizabeth) Proctor.
Session #3
Skill Builder - SAT Prep.Think Like a Puritan: Pre-reading activity (handout) - use/learn vocabulary in context
Continue Act I - What is revealed about John Proctor? What pieces are missing? Foreshadowing?

Session #4 - Vocabulary from The Crucible (these words have been identified as words appearing on SAT tests):
SAT Vocabulary Crucible.doc
Test on 1st 20 words: TBA

Read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
Parody Assignment - handout

Independent Reading
Write: Journal Entry # 6
What does the threat of a "point reckoning" reveal about Abigail's true nature?

8/31-9/1 Session #1Skillbuilder/SAT Prep - prepositions - see document above, Exercise AWriting: Parody of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"Imitate structure & style - Due Friday to along with a hard copy in class.
Session#2Skillbuilder/SAT Prep- prepositions
Complete questions at the end of Act I (text)

Session #3Skillbuilder/SAT Prep - Exercise B (document posted above)Quiz Act 1Begin Act 2

Session #4Parody is due today (hard copy to class, to by midnight - failure to turn in a hard copy in class will result in asignificant reduction in points)

We will begin Act II on Thurs./Fri.

Session #1
SAT Prep - see link at bottom of English 11 home page
Independent Reading
Continue Act II
Session #2
SAT Prep/Indep. Rdg.

Team WebQuest:
View the following interactive presentation - follow the prompts and see what happens to you as you
put yourself in the shoes of an accused witch. You will work in groups of three...we will vote on the outcome of each step to determine our collective fate. Good luck!

Journal 6: Why would you be released from jail and allowed to live if you had confessed to being a witch? Think of evidence from the play and from the webquest to support your answer.
Continue Act II in parts
Session #3
SAT prep - Subject/Verb agreementBegin Act IIIVocabulary Words 1st twenty words next weekAct II Quiz Friday
Practice grammar and testing skills

SAT prep - Subject/Verb agreement - compound subject

Session #1 Read Act III
Session #2 Read Act III - begin character analysis by identifying characters who serve as "foils" for other character.
There at least three pairs - see who you can come up with
Session #3 Act III Quiz
Independent Reading
Character Analysis cont...
Session #4
Crucible Vocabulary quiz words 1-20
Read Act IV
Go Forth! - We will be reading Act IV out under the trees. Actors: this means you must project your voice
so that all may hear over the birdsong and occasional lawnmower. (we will move this to Mon. if time is an issue)

Vocabulary words 21-40 - quiz next Fri.

Session #1 Reflect: compare court transcripts to drama
Read: "The Examination of Sarah Good" pp. 145-147
Where is bias evident in this court transcript?

Session #2
SAT Prep - Subject/Verb agreement using indefinite pronouns

Meet in Library 2nd half to work on outline presentation

Session #3
Meet in Library to work on presentation - this must be complete today! We will present next week.
Session #4 - Guidance will be making visits to class...
2. Journal Entry
In a well-developed paragraph, describe how Hale has transformed into a dynamic character by the end of Act III

View: PBS production Secrets of the Dead - How did so many girls exhibit the same behaviors/symptoms attributed to witchcraft? Consider some alternative possibilities.
Quiz - Act IV
Study guide for test(see top of page for document)

Begin presentations

SAT prep

Visit from Guidance office
Final draft of essay is due

Extra Credit Opportunity: Crucible Correlation---Bring in a modern day "witch-hunt" example and explain it to the class.